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Featured Presenter - Episode 16

A headshot image of an Indigenous woman with dark hair and eyes. She's wearing a black leather jacket and pink shirt

Melissa Brown (Anishinaabe/Dine)

Melissa Brown is an Anishinaabe/Dine Midwife from Sagkeeng First Nation and the Navajo Nation. She has been an Indigenous Birth worker for over 15 years. She is Co-founder of Zaagi’idiwin, an Indigenous led organization that strives to center Indigenous people as the experts of Maternal Child Health in their communities. She has trained over 300 Full Spectrum Indigenous Doulas across Canada and the United States in the past two years, providing mentorship and support as they care for families.


Melissa graduated from the University College of the North Kanaci otinawawasowin Bachelor of Midwifery program and worked in the inner city of Winnipeg. She is a member of Kagike Danikobidan, the advisory committee on Aboriginal women’s issues to the College of Midwives of Manitoba. She has also served as the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives Co-chair and member of the core leadership for the past 7 years. 


Melissa is a small part of a grassroots movement of Indigenous Midwives, Doulas, Aunties and Birth workers across turtle island that are reconnecting with our language, medicines, and ceremonies to support families during pregnancy, birth and parenting.  She is committed to continuing to build safe spaces for families to learn about healthy sexuality, reproductive health and traditional birth knowledge as a way of restoring health and wellbeing to Indigenous communities. 

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