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Featured Presenter - Episode 17

An Indigenous woman sits on a park bench and is looking over one shoulder. She's wearing a mustard-colored shirt and jeans.

Marissa Bolaños, Mexican/Purépecha/Spanish

Birth and Postpartum Doula, Professional Birth Videographer, Infant Sleep Educator,
​Birthing From Within Mentor in Training

I have a traveler's soul
I’m innately curious and have a big passion for adventure and freedom.
For the past ten years I have been moving, studying, creating and traveling across cities, beaches, jungles, and rural areas in three different continents. I had the opportunity to learn and share with people from many different cultures and walks of life.

Becoming a mom was hard for me
During my first pregnancy I became completely fascinated by the potential and possibilities of birth and I started suspecting I had finally found my true vocation. I had a very positive and empowering birth that completely transformed my relationship with my body. I was high on that birth energy for months, but I was unprepared for the challenges that came after.

​Becoming a mother was scary for me.
I always strived to be very independent, and loved improvising and feeling free.
I had set completely unrealistic expectations for myself as a mother and it was hard to recognize that I couldn't possibly ​match them. Being far away from my family and friends during my pregnancy and early postpartum made me realize the importance of community, support and sisterhood, and it helped me find unexpected strength in learning to ask for help.

I wanted other women in my community to have the support I wish I had
I went back to Mexico for a short season after the birth of my son, and I soon started meeting other moms. Most of them were surprised to hear my positive birth story, and I soon discovered that women in my country didn't feel like they had many options, resources or tools to develop confidence in their own bodies. Many pregnant women started to approach me, full of curiosity, and I discovered a great joy by talking and working with them.

So I became a doula and a menstrual health educator!
I initially did an online birth doula training and later on I completed my studies at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations. Ever since then I have continued to expand my knowledge and education, looking for new ways to help women find confidence and strength within themselves. 
I'm constantly inspired by the power of women coming together!

Marissa is also the creator of "Revolucion del Parto" podcast which centers the birth stories of Spanish-speaking families.

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