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Featured Presenter - Episode 20

An Indigenous woman who is a nurse practitioner stands in a wooded setting. She's wearing a green shirt and has her stethascope hanging around her neck.

Danica Parkin, Family Nurse Practitioner and Doula, (Pila?sis (Sinixt/Synackstx)

Danica is a doula and Family Nurse Practitioner who currently works in pediatric primary care. She completed her doula training at Seattle Midwifery School (now Bastyr) in 2006 and it has been her honor to attend the births of friends and family. Reconnecting to and reclaiming Synackstx and Plateau traditions around pregnancy, birth, and parenting has been a passion of Danica's since becoming pregnant with her first child. Danica birthed her three children at home, with the help of midwives, and has been proud to provide them with breastmilk, their first traditional food, into toddlerhood. As a Nurse Practitioner, she has provided care for individuals across the age spectrum in public and community health settings. 


Danica was a founding member of the Board of Directors of Salish School of Spokane, serving for 11 years in that capacity. Salish School of Spokane is an urban native language immersion childcare center, ECEAP program, and private school that uses Community Care to save Salish and change lives. Danica's husband teaches at the school and their three children are students. Recently she became an employee at Salish School of Spokane, focusing on Indigenous Birth Justice which at this time includes parenting support and helping parents to share their stories, as well as sex education and Coming of Age ceremonies for youth at the school. 


Danica lives with her husband, three children, dogs, cats, and chickens on Spokane land.

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