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Featured Presenter - Episode 28

An Indigenous woman with long brown hair a a face-framing french braid wears a yellow shirt and teal jacket with Indigenous print

Hope Mayotte (Yellow Cloud Woman, Eagle Clan)

Boozhoo Hope nindizhinikaaz, ozaawaa-aanakwadookwe indigo, migizi nindoodem, mashkiiziibiing nindoonjibaa.


My name is Hope Mayotte, the spirits call me yellow cloud woman I am eagle clan, and I am from Bad River. I carry many titles: Indigenous Student Midwife, Doula, Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor, Advocate, Social Worker, and best of all mother to six children.


I have been involved in birth work for 7 years, and now the proud owner of Wiiji-Nitaawiginaawasojig Indigenous Birth Services LLC, offered on the shores of Lake Superior with the Ashland Birth Center.


I live and work on my reservation, where I incorporate culture and traditional teachings into my everyday life, family and work.


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