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Featured Presenter - Episode 31

A headshot photo of a woman with multicolored pastel hair cut short

Gladys Rowe MSW, PhD (Muskego Inninew, 'Swampy Cree')

Gladys Rowe, MSW, PhD, is Muskego Inninew (Swampy Cree) and holds relations from Ireland, England, Norway, and Ukraine. She is a member of Fox Lake Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba, Canada. She currently lives as a guest with her family on the occupied lands of the Duwamish and Suquamish Nations in Washington State.

Gladys successfully defended her dissertation research in November 2020 and received an Interdisciplinary PhD in social work, Native Studies, and English, Film & Theatre from the University of Manitoba. Her work is grounded upon Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing which holds her vision for transformation, resurgence, and decolonization.

Her dissertation is titled: Resurgence of Indigenous Nationhood: Centering the Stories of 

Indigenous Full-Spectrum Doulas. (Read Here)


Gladys believes in the power of stories as processes through which we can learn to be in relationship with ourselves, our ancestors, the land, and plant and animal relatives. These relationships are central to the resurgence of Indigenous peoples, families, and Nations. 


Founding her work on the principles of relational accountability, reciprocity, and respect, Gladys spent the past two decades working in many areas including community building, knowledge production, education, and capacity building as a facilitator, instructor, coordinator, researcher, and evaluator.


Her interests and experiences include research and evaluation related to identity development; personal and ancestral stories and cultural practices as mechanisms for healing and decolonization; Indigenous full-spectrum doulas and maternal and child health; wellbeing across the lifespan; Indigenous social work; and community development. 


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