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Featured Presenters - Episode 5

Two proud-looking parents hole their infant on a cradleboard. The three of them are draped in blankets with Indigenous artwork.

Mariana Harvey (Yakama) & Itsa Shash (Mexica/Apache)

Mariana Harvey (Yakama) íła (mother), Traditional Plants Educator, and Artist


Mariana Harvey has spent the last 5 years working to promote culturally based leadership initiatives for Native youth within the northwest and nationally through Native Youth Leadership Alliance. She is deeply passionate about native foods and medicines and the rich cultural traditions that surround them. She is the Traditional Plants Program Coordinator at GRuB, a mother, artist and a proud member of the Yakama Nation.

Itsa Shash (Mexica/Apache) túta (father), Storyteller, Poet, Musician, Massage Therapist

Itsa Shash is a Native American storyteller, poet, and musician descended from Indeh (Apache), Mexica (Aztec), and Xicano Indio peoples. Raised in southern Colorado, Itsa now resides in Washington State. He is a strong advocate for health and wellness through healing touch, our mother earth, and cultural wisdom.

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