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Featured Presenter - Episode 7

A headshot photo of an Indigenous woman elder. She's wearing traditional jewelery and a traditional print top. He long hair is gray at the roots and brown at the tips.

Cindy Gamble, MPH, CLC (Tlingit and Kaax’oos.hittaan - Man's Foot Clan)

Cindy Gamble, MPH, CLC. Cindy is Tlingit and of the Kaax’oos.hittaan (Man’s Foot Clan.) As a Tribal Community Health Consultant, she is the project lead for the American Indian Health Commission’s WIC Nutrition and Maternal and Infant Health projects; she also works collaboratively on other AIHC projects. Cindy has worked with Tribal Health Organizations and Tribal Communities in Alaska and Washington State for over 30 years as a Tribal Health Director, a Community Health Educator, and a UW/WSU Tribal Liaison.

As a community health educator on Prince of Wales Island in S.E. Alaska, Cindy taught

childbirth education classes for expectant parents for over 10 years. Cindy is currently the

Board President of Nutrition First and a volunteer with the Canoe Journey Herbalists.

In 2020 Cindy received her Certified Lactation Consultant certification and enrolled in an

Indigenous Herbalist Apprenticeship Program. Cindy and husband Jerry have three adult

children and four grandchildren. Cindy enjoys reading, gardening, studying the Tlingit

language, learning traditional arts, and spending time with family.

Cindy with grandbaby.jpg
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