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Alycia Two Bears, CD

Alycia Two Bears (Mistawasis Nêhiyawak)


Alycia Two Bears is a member of the Mistawasis Nêhiyawak First Nation. She has a background in
Education, completing her Bachelor of General Studies and Bachelor of Education at the University of
Calgary. She is using her background in Education and current scholarship through Doula Canada in their
Birthing Educator program to create a culturally relevant prenatal class. As a Birth Worker, Alycia
practices Birthing as Ceremony and supports anybody who uses her services from this perspective. She
believes women supporting women is one of the greatest tools mothers can use to grow a strong,
healthy, viable community. As a mother to five children, she is an advocate for home births, midwives
and access to the best birth options for every woman. Raised in the late Sharron Proulx-Turners
Sweatlodge, the teachings received by a Two Spirit woman in a Lodge run by women for women where
women’s healing were paramount are near and dear to her heart and the safest place to grow
spiritually, particularly as a bisexual woman. With this knowledge she supports community members in
hospital care as a Traditional Wellness Coordinator. As a Poet, she currently earned an Honourable
Mention in the 2019/2020 Kemosa Scholarship for Indigenous Mothers in Alberta. As well as a regular
contributor to the local magazine, USAY.

Email: goodwomanmedicine@gmail.com


Facebook: Good Woman Medicine
Instagram: @alycia_two_bears