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Featured Presenter - Episode 9

a Peruvian woman sits on the ground at a heritage site next to what looks like a drum but part of the item is obscured by her leg. She's wearing a blue top and brown skirt.

 Cynthia Ingar, PhD (Peruvian)

Cynthia Ingar is a Peruvian anthropologist (PhD), doula, women's health educator, breastfeeding counselor, and mother of Maël and Noah.


She is dedicated to the teaching and protection of ancestral Woman Medicine and traditions. She is the founder of the "Hampi Warmi" project in Peru, focused on the revitalization of Andean woman medicine and wisdom, birth & midwifery, and intercultural education. She teaches the “Wachakuy: Sacred Birth Way” training program in the Sacred Valley, Peru, yearly.


She is currently a holistic midwifery student (AAMI). 

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