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Center for Indigenous Midwifery wants to strengthen Indigenous families and help them connect with their ancestral ways.


We do this by offering workshops, Zoomcasts, and programs that hold space for families as they grow, change, and thrive.


We honor families as they are, whatever their make-up, and create programs that are focused on honoring ancestral wisdom and that reclaim culturally-rooted midwifery care.


We currently offer a 3-hour Childbirth Preparation Workshop and a new, monthly Zoomcast just for fathers (and fathers-to-be) called the Warrior's Circle. New programs are always in the works...

We are honored that you walk this path with us. Let us guide you home.

Photos: Mariana Harvey (Yakama) is pictured with her partner, Itsa Shash (Mexica/Apache) and their child. Find their Zoomcast, Episode 5 "One Family's Birth and Parenting Journey" here.

Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino ND (Penobscot) is pictured with her two children. Find her Zoomcast Episode 4 "Born Into Grandmother's Arms: Stories of Indigenous Birth and Family Life" here.

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