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MISSION: Strengthening community by honoring, supporting, and reclaiming Indigenous midwifery care.

The Journey Song
of the 
Indigenous Birth Keeper

VISION: Healing generations with Indigenous midwifery wisdom and culturally-centered family support.

Honoring Ancestral Wisdom





Midwifery Care


 Center for Indigenous Midwifery Zoomcast

Join Rhonda Lee Grantham & Guests as they explore a wide variety of topics and stories reflecting Indigenous birth and family life

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About Us

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Center for Indigenous Midwifery was founded by Rhonda Lee Grantham, an Indigenous Midwife and Herbalist from the Cowlitz Nation.


Cowlitz people are a Salish-Sahaptian tribe of SW Washington that translates to “Seeker of the Medicine Spirit.”


For over two decades, Rhonda has been actively catching babies and supporting programs within tribal communities, both at home and globally.


Rhonda also founded the Canoe Journey Herbalists Project, and when leading both, is guided by her lens as a cultural anthropologist and Native woman; in addition to her passions for global health, family wellness, and culturally-centered care.

To reach Rhonda, drop a line at: director@indigenous-midwifery.org 

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